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Made from the most precious resource on earth

Honoring the Gift.
Paying it Forward.

We are proud to honor the gift of tissue donation by giving
net proceeds from the sale of Hero Allograft to charities
that benefit children with life-threatening medical conditions.



    Hero DBM Putty, Hero DBM+ Paste, and Hero DBM Gel
    Demineralized bone matrix in a reverse phase medium
    that provides excellent handling characteristics.

    Hero Compressible Cancellous Matrix
    Partially demineralized cancellous bone allograft in cubes
    and strips, an ideal natural scaffold for new bone growth.

    Hero Structural Cervical Allograft
    Anatomically shaped cortical ring with
    a cancellous core to facilitate fusion.

    Hero DBM Powder
    Bone void and defect filler with osteoinductive potential
    processed to help stimulate natural bone formation.

    Hero Allograft Chips
    Traditional allograft offerings in trabecular cancellous
    as well as cortical/cancellous mix.


To learn more about Hero Allograft or to request
it for your hospital please enter your contact
details to the right or call 760-607-0121.

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