Ti-Bond Warranty Program

Spinal Elements warranties Ti-Bond implants at the time of surgical implantation and thereafter.


We are able to offer this warranty based on our confidence and experience in over 10,000 devices implanted. Ti-Bond offers the most advanced technology available in interbody devices today, combining the load-sharing and endurance properties of PEEK for the body of the implant with the hydrophilic and stability benefits of porous titanium at the endplates.


Ti-Bond is warrantied against delaminating, chipping, peeling, shedding, or generating debris at the time of surgery.  Spinal Elements will provide an implant free of charge should any of these events occur.


Additionally, in the event that a revision surgery is required within one year of the original date of implantation due to implant fracture in whole or in part, coating delamination, pseudarthrosis, implant migration, subsidence, or trauma, Spinal Elements will replace the product free of charge.


Contact a Spinal Elements representative for further information about the Ti-Bond Warranty Program or contact us directly at:


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