PEEK Interbody With Porous Titanium Coating

The New Standard

in Interbody Fusion.

The radiolucency, elastic modulus, and strength of PEEK

join the benefits of microtextured titanium.


Immediate Stability and Long-Term Fixation

The plasma-sprayed coating results in increased surface topography.


Excellent Radiolucency

The radiolucency of Ti-Bond implants is maintained by the fact that the body of the implant is made from PEEK, a radiolucent material.


Proven Clinical History

Spinal Elements’ PEEK devices have been marketed since 2004. Coated orthopedic implants have been marketed since 1977.1

Ti-Bond is the culmination of these two technologies.


1. Hofmann AA. Response of human cancellous bone to identically structured commercially pure titanium and cobalt chromium alloy porous coated cylinders. Clin Mat. 1993;14:101-115.

Surface Matters

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