Hero® Putty DBM

DBM with Reverse Phase Medium

Outstanding Handling and Placement Characteristics. Formable and Irrigation Resistant Putty Unique osteoinductive bone graft composed of demineralized bone matrix. Reverse phase medium (RPM) that results in excellent handling and placement characteristics. Excellent lavage/irrigation/suction resistance at
the surgical site. Differential Advantage Superior Handling – RPM carrier stiffens at body temperature resulting in a graft that is more moldable. User Friendly – Provided ready to use in a vial and requires no preoperative preparation. Validated High Osteoinductive Potential – Every lot is tested via an in vivo assay per an athymic rat model.1 Equivalence to Autograft - Demonstrated equivalence in a preclinical spine fusion model.2,3 1 Data on file 2 Walsh. Biomaterials, Vol. 29, Issue 3: January 2008, Pages 266–271. 3 J. Christiaan Coetzee, M.D. White paper available from AlloSource


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