Karma® / Karma® MIS

Novel Cortico-Pedicular Fixation System

Metal Free.
Minimally Disruptive Posterior Fixation. Disruptive Procedure Proprietary curved drill provides an accurate path through the pedicle and bony cortical anchor points. Metal-free implant that does not require traditional screws and rods for posterior fixation. Single Tray and implant compliments a simple straight-forward procedure. Clinically Relevant Provides physiological stabilization in LLIF, ALIF,
and PLIF constructs. Comparable to pedicle screw strength with less stiffness and designed to reduce adjacent level stress and interference created by a rigid construct. Circumferential fixation relying mostly on cortical bone
in the pedicle, neck, lamina, and facet joints. A reliable alternative for patients with poor bone quality. Patient-Centric Implant Minimal radiographic artifact. One-size-fits-all; independent of patient anatomy. Low profile implant that may minimize the potential for post-operative palpability and irritation.


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