Lateral Access System

Reimagine Lateral Access. Versatile Platform for Every Surgeon Access the lumbar spine through a variety of lateral approaches (LLIF, ATP, Prone Lateral) Multiple points of fixation maintains retractor position throughout the procedure More than a Retractor System Anterior sweeping blades, minimize tissue creep Independent blade control for customized access Access Guide bluntly dissects the psoas in the plane with the muscle fibers Radiolucent carbon fiber options Nested blade design eliminates the need for muscle crushing, sequential dilation Improve the Workflow of LLIF Surgery Novel Two-Piece Nested Dilator gains access and establishes an operative corridor in one pass by the plexus Design to reduce surgical time and minimize patient postoperative complications, especially at L4-5. Establishes operative corridor in 20% fewer steps* by simultaneously performing muscle splitting dilation and dissection *Compared to circumferential retractor systems


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