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Standalone ALIF System

Single Approach. Maximum Control. Streamlined Delivery with Advanced Locking System Controlled Delivery with Lag Compression Multiple delivery options Integrated Locking System with Locking Screws Provides mechanical stability The Right Materials, Right Where You Want Them PEEK body provides favorable imaging and modulus Ti Bond® Titanium Porous Coating Designed to provide a favorable environment for fusion Surface features on a Macro-, Micro-, and Nano-Scale Surface roughness for immediate stability Imaging friendly to assess fusion Proven Clinical Results 1 Demonstrated >95% Fusion rate Demonstrated significant improvement in low back
and leg pain 1 Sclafani et. Al, Arthrodesis Rate and Patient Reported Outcomes After Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Utilizing a Plasma-Sprayed Titanium Coated PEEK Interbody Implant: A Retrospective, Observational Analysis. IJSS volume 11 issue 1 doi: 10.14444/4004 pages 17 - 23


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