Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation System

Proven Concept. Uniquely Elegant. Uniquely Elegant Low profile polyaxial head accommodates varying anatomy Cannulated Screws designed for percutaneous insertion Buttress thread cap and screw head minimizes cross threading and provides high grip strength Self-tapping bone screw designed for maximum strength, screw purchase and pullout resistance Pre-contoured and straight titanium alloy rods in lengths
up to 400mm Seamless integration with Mercury Classic MIS Intuitive, Reliable Instrumentation Polyaxial screwdriver attaches easily and maintains screw rigidity during insertion Cannulated and solid taps provide effective pedicle preparation Reduction instruments designed to make rod reduction quick and predictable Instruments trays designed to maximize operation room efficiency Implant Versatility Low profile, Self-tapping Screws with 50° of
total angulation 5.5mm to 8.5mm screws in lengths from 30mm to 60mm 4.5mm non-cannulated screws available upon request Pre-contoured or straight rods from 30mm to 120mm 400mm rod for longer constructs


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