TeleGraft® Graft Gun Delivery

MIS Graft Delivery System

Multidirectional Control System. Single Tissue Pass. Enhanced Graft Placement and Precision Multi-directional graft delivery tube allowing precise and controlled graft delivery Scooped Distal Tip for controlled graft placement Compatible for various spine fusion applications, including TLIF, PLIF, and extraforaminal procedures Lightly radiopaque MIS Delivery Tube allows for easy visualization under fluoroscopy imaging MIS Graft Delivery Made Simple Minimally disruptive single-pass technique, designed to maximize the visibility of the surgical site Re-loadable graft content using a patented break-action delivery handle system Single-handed ratcheting handle delivers graft with
only a few squeezes Suitable for use with either pre-filled Fiber Putty TeleGraft cartridges or custom, manually filled auxiliary Delivery Tubes


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